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Natural Stone

Natural stone

Durable • Easy Maintenance • Versatile

Property owners frequently choose the look of natural stone for indoor and outdoor applications for its versatility and cost effectiveness. G & C Flooring Pros can find the right natural stone flooring and tile solution for your application. We work hard to ensure that the solutions we provide are the right style and price for your budget and needs.

Benefits of Natural Stone

Choosing natural stone surfaces for your home or business is a smart choice. Available in a variety of colors and patterns natural stone can be found in just the right design to fit your home or business. It offers a number of benefits to property owners including versatility and ease in maintenance. Natural stone is also considered durable and has a long lifespan. For this reason it is also considered to be environmentally friendly and more cost effective than other flooring and tile options.


One of the classic, enduring and most popular types of natural stone is marble. The history of marble in building and decor goes back many centuries. Marble is popular in countertops, bathrooms and luxurious flooring, to name just a few applications. Marble can be a centerpiece of a room or can combine with other materials to create a stunning visual.

G & C Flooring sources high quality marble for our projects. Let us help you decide if marble is the right material for your project.

Why Natural Stone Might Be Right For You

Cut from naturally materials, your natural stone surface may be made of marble, soapstone, travertine, or granite materials. It can be cut and applied to floors, countertops, walls, and patios. Unlike the more expensive hardwood flooring options, natural stone does not require upkeep and refinishing. Regular use of natural stone cleaner and sealant will keep your natural stone flooring looking fresh and new for many years to come without the need of waxing and buffing. In fact, polishing stone floors can make them slippery. However, if you desire a shiny or polished look to your natural stone you can select a glossy finish.

G & C Flooring Pros will help you select and install the natural stone material you choose in your property. Start with a Free Design Quote to understand how we can help upgrade your property on a budget.