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Waterproof Flooring

Affordable • Durable • Low Maintenance

When choosing flooring options for your home or business, waterproof flooring offers a variety of benefits for function and budget. Great for high traffic areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and dining halls, waterproof flooring is stain and scratch resistant. Speak with the experts at G & C Flooring Pros to learn about all the options available within your budget.

Waterproof Flooring Options

There are a number of popular waterproof flooring options available to fit any budget. Each one offers unique styles and dimension to fit ideally into your aesthetic. Speak with a G & C Flooring Pros designer to learn about your options and what materials might be best for your unique needs.

Waterproof Tile Flooring

Tile can withstand a lot of water, making it a popular options for bathroom flooring and shower walls. Porcelain tiles offer exceptionally low absorption rates allowing them to be fully submerged in water for long period of time without damage. Ceramic tiles offer great choices for areas of high moisture, spills, and water. Choosing the right finish will assist in making sure that your surface is slip-resistant and grout will seal the tiles together making a watertight floor or wall.

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Planks

One of the best waterproof flooring options available is vinyl flooring planks. Comprised of PVC, the same materials that produce plumbing pipes, vinyl plank flooring is one hundred percent synthetic, but can look and feel like conventional flooring. When vinyl plank flooring is installed with a click and lock system it provides a waterproof seal. Proper installation of vinyl planks are essential to providing the waterproof seal you need to consider it waterproof flooring.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Certain types of laminate flooring offer water resistance and others are completely waterproof. You will want to know exactly what type of flooring you are purchasing if this is a function you want to achieve. Seepage through to the laminate’s fiberboard core will cause it to warp and be destroyed, so it is important to ensure that your laminate flooring is waterproof. While many laminates can withstand spills, pet accidents and moisture, a common flood could wreak havoc on their integrity. Ask your G & C Flooring Pros designer if the laminate flooring you are selecting is considered waterproof to make sure you are making the right selection for your needs today and in the future.

The Right Waterproof Flooring For Your Needs

The selection of waterproof flooring offered by G & C Flooring Pros means that you can have the exact style and design you want at a price you can afford. Find the tile, laminate, or vinyl planks that fit your space and have the professional team at G & C Flooring Pros install it at your Las Vegas property. Start by having a free design consultation and see the difference for yourself.