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When pure quartz sandstone is exposed to high pressure and heat the result is a beautiful, durable material called quartzite. This natural stone bears a name that gets it often confused with quartz, but make no mistake about it, quartzite offers a unique beauty as original as the nature that created it in the first place. At G & C Flooring our team is frequently called upon to fabricate quartzite into countertops for bathrooms, kitchens, and cabinetry.

It’s elegant, glassy appearance similar to more luxurious finishes like marble has made quartzite gain popularity, making it a highly requested material for modern designs.

Great Quartzite Options at Great Prices

Quartzite is durable and when properly sealed makes for an easy to clean natural stone surface that will set your property apart in the best way. Being easy to clean, quartzite is an excellent building material for any space. It comes in almost any color combination and can be cut to almost any dimension. Taking quartzite from a slab into the perfect countertop for your bathroom, kitchen, or cabinet is a process our team is familiar with and will make as cost effective as quartz. Our extensive experience can help save you significant costs in your project. We sort through slabs until we find the exact look and design you will love.

When you combine our budget-friendly pricing, easy delivery and installation of quartzite options for your Las Vegas home or business, it is easy to see why G & C Flooring Pros is considered to be the best quartzite contractor in town. Each of our clients receive the concierge level service moving your project from concept to completion. Working directly with home and business owners, it is our goal to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Granite Selection & Cutting Process

Manufactured from slabs, quartzite countertops are precisely cut to ensure the greatest fit and most appealing look for any surface in your home or office. The newly cut slabs are then sealed to ensure the luster and beauty last. This step is essential for using quartzite as a countertop. Without proper sealing the natural stone, quartzite, would soak up liquids with ease, presenting unnecessary challenges for property owners.

Working with quartzite dealers we are able to secure the most beautiful slabs of quartzite with the exact look and grains you want to see if your finished project. See why so many homeowners and businesses seek out G & C Flooring to secure the quartzite for their project. Schedule your Free Design Consultation with one of our professional designers today.